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Wega MyConcept Greenline Espresso Machine

Made to Order Wega MyConcept Greenline Espresso Machine

This is Wega's most advanced and modern commercial espresso machine to date.

So much more than a simple touch. 5’’ capacitive screen with “mobile like” interface with tutorials on screen.
A user friendly guide that will help you step by step for:
        Washing the groups
        Regenerating the filters
        Services boiler water replacement cycles
The opportunity to interact directly with the service and pre-setting of optional functions, for managing the Wi-Fi package, allowing control in remote mode (from laptop, tablet, and smartphone) of all machine programming and functions has never been seen on a coffee machine until now.

Choice of blend coffee tuning that will allow you, at any time, to select your favourite coffee easily and fast. The possibility to memorize the specific extraction settings, of a particular coffee blend or single origin, in order to be able to re-access the memorized parameters, at a later date. Each group is completely independent: whereby it is possible to memorize preferences and combinations, for simultaneous selection by different operators. Once you have set your parameters, and saved your preferences, the next step is just a simple touch, and you have all your preferred recipes, instantly at hand. It's also easy to change the coffee drop height (spout tip to lower grid) from 122mm to 82mm any time, thank to the robust stainless steel pull out grid.

Choose your style with skin customization, allows to make your touch unique.
Slide show customization: load images, pictures, and logos that you always want to have with to create hand-made screen savers.
Start logo customization: from the first step, the machine will be 100% yours.
A personalized menu, allows you to select command signals from one to six selections. Ranging from a “single shot” barista manual set, to, 2, 3, 4, 6 selections, as required by your market needs and requirements.
Instant upload of images via a USB port, allows you the possibility to set and view images (photos, statements, claims) on a multiple set of My Concept machines, throughout the world
Each barista has the possibility to formulate a menu, copy it in real time, and share it on a multiple set of My Concept machines, throughout the world.

Keep in touch with Wega with remote software updates
Change language, slide and logo remotely.
Machine configurations backup and restore.
Remote interactive touch display.
Sending of messages to the provider.
STATE OF THE "APP" COFFEE: Choice of SKINS from Cloud library. App user development allowing to manage the device (such as remote on/off, checking machine status, etc.)

Accurate temperature monitoring of electronic components for precise diagnosis in real time.
Temperature controllers enhanced with high resolution PWM for a meticulous temperature control.
Four levels of access to the operating parameters.
Incorporated shot timers, indicating the brewing time.
Display of energy savings, both within the period and by delivery.
Detailed alarm history.

Reduced operating costs.
Predictive ECO mode that analyzes data from all cycles made.
ON, STAND BY and OFF selected by the device based on the best energy strategy. All this can also be set manually through the intuitive touch display!
Programmed start-up to be always ready for use!

Classic (on call) or predictive tune up (required directly from the machine).
Tutorial guide to first installation.
Communication with the provider via pop-up warning.
Groups rotation for equalized consumption.
Programmed filter replacement to maintain constant the quality of water used.


Innovative solutions, and access to all types of mobile devices.
100% possibility of personal setting features, and making My Concept, YOUR Concept!
Perfect quality, from the first to the last espresso served!

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Part of the WEGA Greenline commercial espresso machine range. Independently certified energy savings of 30% to 47.6%

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Wega Coffee Machine Warranty

Includes 12 months parts & labour warranty (see WEGA warranty for details)

Free barista training and coffee machine delivery and installation within our trade area.