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Wega Warranty

The following outlines the terms and conditions of the warranty supplied by Gabriele coffee & Tea on Wega coffee machines distributed in the United Kingdom. The terms and conditions are agreed by the buyer by placing an order with us.

Warranty terms begin from the date the machine is dispatched and will terminate 12 calendar months after this date.

Where the espresso machine is supply only, "boxed" i.e. delivered to you for your own contractors to install, then warranty issues are covered on a back to base basis. It is your responsibility to pay for the shipping costs associated to our workshop. Whereby it is found that the issues are not covered by the warranty you will be contacted to pay for any work to be performed including parts and it will be your responsibility to arrange payment and transportation of the machine back to your premises. We cannot be held liable for any damage incurred whilst the machine is in the care of a third party i.e. couriers and appropriate insurance should be sought by you. Where the issues are covered under warranty, we will arrange for the return of you machine to you and the costs associated thereof. 

For customers in our Trade Area, please contact us to arrange for an engineer call out and we shall attend your premises to appraise the machine.

This warranty covers mechanical breakdown and includes all static parts of the espresso machine, including the boiler, hydraulic piping, relevant pressure valves and pressostat (pressure switch). The boiler element is not covered under warranty terms if the damage has been caused by limescale or excessive draining off of the boiler by emptying it to fill other containers e.g. to fill mop buckets. Should the failure of the machine be attributed to limescale build up or misuse you will be charged the full cost of the engineer call outs and replacement parts.

This warranty excludes “wearing parts” like group gaskets, Steam arm seal, Rotating pump head. External body panels will not be replaced under warranty, please check them upon signing for receipt of your machine.

Damage caused by limescale or misuse is not covered in the warranty.

Wearing parts are as follows: Group seals, gaskets, steam arm seals, rotating pump head and their replacement is not covered under warranty and is chargeable at our usual rates. In our Trade Area should our engineering team visit your premises and deem the work necessary to be non- warranty you will be liable for all associated charges. 

Non warranty repairs include breakdown caused by the following (this list is not exhaustive)

1. Mis-use
2. Failure to clean or de-scale the machine properly or frequently.
3. Inadequate or fluctuating water pressure.
4. Incorrect operation of machine.
5. Inadequate water supply including pipes/ hose to machine. 
6. Inadequate electric supply, fitted cable or isolator if applicable.
7. Problems with any water treatment connected to the machine.
8. Loss of any machine component.
9. Failure of the machine due to incorrect installation.

Any work performed on public holidays/ weekends is subject to a premium rate, please confirm this rate at the time of your request with our engineer.

Water damage - Cover is not included in this warranty and sufficient cover should be sought from your insurers for this event.

Where the espresso machine is not installed/ commissioned by our engineers and incorrect installation is found to be the cause of the failure/ problem then the warranty is deemed null and void. You will be liable for any charges associated in this event.

In hard water areas a calcium treatment unit must be fitted (CTU) we also advise that you fit a flow metre (this will show how many litres of water you have used and treated and accordingly when to change your CTU – usually at 3000 litres). If un-treated hard water will make limescale build up in your machine, coating your boiler and clogging up the valves contained within. The damage caused will be expensive to repair.

External body parts are not included in this warranty, it is your obligation to notify us if any panels are not intact on the day of delivery. Any damage to body panels after installation will not be replaced under warranty.

Minimum requirements for espresso machines are as follows:
Cold mains water supply should be a minimum 3 bar – maximum 6 bar pressure. Readings outside of these parameters will deem the warranty invalid for the following issues: problems with the hydraulic system, leaks from the solenoid valves or inlet solenoid valve. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the water supply is within the requirements and if necessary fit a pressure reducing valve accordingly.

Waste water from the drip tray
This should drain to a plumbed out waste upright and the drain pipe from the machine should follow a constant downward gradient to the upright. Should this not be present then blockages and air locks will result and repairs needed because of this will not be covered under the warranty. Where a bucket is used for the waste, you must ensure the water in the bucket never reaches a level at which it meets the pipe draining into the bucket as an air lock may form and prevent water flowing down the waste pipe. It is the customers responsibility to empty the bucket regularly. Hydraulic system valve leaks caused by overflowing buckets will not be covered by warranty. 

Power supply
This should be correctly rated and earthed for an espresso machine, this is the customers responsibility -16 amp or 20 amp with an on off switch sited within 1 metre of the machine. Electricity should be fed from a commercial grade consumer unit. RCD trips caused by an inadequate consumer unit/ wiring of the machine to a plug will not be covered by this warranty.

This warranty does not cover pipework between mains water and the machine. Leaks between the machine and the mains supply should be repaired by your own plumbing contractor. In our trade Area, any call out requested by you to a leak of this nature will be charged our usual call out charges.