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Barista Training

Barista TrainingNot only are we committed to supplying you with the best Italian coffee, we are also passionate about how you make it. We’ve been brewing the perfect coffee since 1948, so we are expertly placed to offer you the best guidance and training needed for you to enjoy working in the coffee industry.

Gabriele Coffee have a dedicated showroom and barista training facility in the North of England, just south of Newcastle upon Tyne. We cover everything from simple espresso machine maintenance, grinding and tampering the perfect dose to brewing the perfect coffee.

Our Barista Training is tailored to your individual business needs. We work with a wide range of clients from start up coffee shops to long established restaurants. At Gabriele Coffee we understand the importance of building confidence alongside your Barista skills, giving your staff the ability to prepare the best beverages every time.

We’re not just limited to training at our showroom. We also provide onsite Barista training at your restaurant or coffee shop to make sure your staff have the skills with equipment you’ve purchased.

Our Barista Training is informal, relaxed and friendly - you won't find a rigorous training structure here and the Training Room is entirely at your disposal. You can ask questions, tinker with our machines and build your Barista ambitions.

To find out about our Barista Training courses please call us for a chat on 0191 411 1903
Please note: Barista Training is linked to the supply of Gabriele Coffee products